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Greetings! This is OWLEDGE

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Wide-Spectrum Scholar
Life Artist
Guide and Seeker
Student and Teacher (a preacher with less PR and more tea)

As a freethinker I am not tied by society's standard processes of education, but can optimally employ my innate abilities, which also allows me to examine those very processes fully, since I am not a part of them.
As a wide-sprectrum scholar I can build interconnections between many fields of study, which allows me to better see the bigger picture, with analysis and synthesis equally.
As a life artist I observe life itself as a process of creative expression, which allows me to spot instances where the universe is creating art and to participate in those beautiful works. You could say, I 'see the magic'.
As a guide and seeker, student and teacher I practice the awareness that we never stop learning, changing, evolving, and that any teaching can and should be a learning experience and any learning process can and should interact with the world in a constructive, expressive, enlightening way.

■ VITA ■
Always been a curious observer and deep ponderer, graduated from economics-focused secondary school (Wirtschaftsgymnasium), I learned information technology and worked in that field for a couple years, then transitioned into extensive non-institutional studies of fields such as world affairs, social psychology, spirituality, later also increasingly adding artistic explorations to that mix.
My mind, with strong inter-hemispheral connection, in a balanced interaction with the heart if you will, is a finely-tuned and powerful instrument, and cultivating to this level came with big sacrifices, as is natural for transformative potential.
My abilities can be applied to and benefit potentially any field.
No quantity can achieve the shift that quality drives.

Move to a different environment where I can unfold much more of my vast potential. - Sponsoring most welcome; a rewarding investment.
(I'd also love to go nuts on a drumset one day, but the opportunity hasn't occured yet.)
( Get my exciting car up-and-running again in order to empower my passion and make my mobility more flexible.)
Practice the fruits of this in a rewarding and sustainable way.
Create a healthier world that is more enjoyable for everyone.

I am offering my services for potentially any job that requires or benefits from a mature, smart and wise approach, with care, thoughtfulness and integrity.
My expertise particularly in the consulting area is dearly needed, considering that without some positive impulses from outside the trodden paths, without taking the whole picture into consideration, this world will unfold its drama again and again, without making any sustainable progress, but inflicting great suffering that will haunt us later. Negated efforts due to lack of foresight are a tragedy.

■ Some QUALIFICATIONS that I either already applied or am confident I can get into ■

(I am applying as much of my wide sprectrum of skills as suits the situation, not just fixed on one role or process. Focus lies on the personal level, since that is the root of all human endeavors and ensuing problems, and working at the root is potentially the most impactful, worthwhile and stable.)
general analyst and consultant (processes and personal), smart planner/organizer, leader, holistic solution architect (problem solving instead of symptom management), out-of-the-box thinker
spiritual teacher, life counselor, mediator, communication facilitator
entertainer, muse, creative director/concept designer/optimizer, synergistic artist (interdisciplinary, mixed skill levels, more wide than deep, focus on concept and process), (voice) actor, creative-inspiring photo- and videography, conversational lectures

psychology, sociology, logic, politics and world affairs, explaining (abstract) things, storytelling, poetic perception, applied philosophy and wisdom teachings

I tend a bit towards deep, thorough thinking with the understanding that time pressure pushes adrenaline and tunes the mind towards short-term and reactive perception. There needs to be a good mix, and the modern, fast-paced and high-pressure world has an imbalancing effect.
Applying a wide perception of a matter without too much specialized focus allows me to see things that otherwise would remain invisible when everybody is walking the same narrow path.

This can not convey the full picture of my abilities since that would mean the observer has all that in themself. In personal interaction the understanding will/can grow. That is part of the transformation.

▬   In the things I do best I am among the best.   ▬

Jung Typology Test (Humanmetrics) - personality type: ENFJ (probably blending into INFJ)
(I prefer to say IDEK since I am uncertain about various parts of the test.)
slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion (6%)
moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (34%)
moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (38%)
slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (12%)

Got a problem to axe, tensions to relax?
Fears to ease, gears to grease?

Help me help you.
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DISCLAIMER: Establishing an offical business would involve many bureaucratic obstacles and difficulties, so I am seeking for avenues that avoid that while it is not in a reasonable relation to the gain. Project employment may be an option, but it is very worthwhile to give other forms of support like networking and various non-monetary. Money is just a flexible means, but other forms might be much more powerful, and easier to supply. It is important that humankind learns to deal with their problems in a more enlightened way than it has happened so far.